In 1963, Porsche showed the world a breathtaking new sports car, the 911.  We feel there is no other car that looks as good, yet each of its incarnations marches to the beat of its own drummer.  Transcending all of its notable generations, remains the air cooled series known as the “long hood”.  Loved because it is strong, enduring and beautiful.  Yet, even without seeing it, you know the sound when one drives by.


As much as you would like to, you can’t buy a new one.  History is set and the analog legend lives on in the garages of the few fortunate owners, and in the form of posters on the walls of admirers.  For fifteen years it has been our mission to keep that legend on the road with restorations that embrace heritage and invoke new aesthetics and specifications that look like no other in the world and can be driven every day.


As with the original car, a new era has dawned at Zurlinden Gruppe, one which turns up the analog burner to 11.  In 2019 the question exploded in our heads, "How would Porsche have built an air cooled GT3?"  Really, what would that have looked, felt and driven like?  We wrapped our heads around the physical design, drafted a set of requirements and put together our most demanding build the traditional way, in hand formed steel.  What came out of this thought experiment is the prototype for what will be the next chapter for Zurlinden, Gruppe 6, a series of cars that definitively answers our question.


This is our new way of moving the legend forward.  Simply put, this is for the love we all have for the air cooled 911, and our desire to do what the factory might have done. 


We are preparing to offer our vision for Gruppe 6 and we invite you along for the ride.


This is just the beginning,

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GRUPPE 6 Specification

We have chosen the 993-series as the perfect platform on which to create our air cooled GT3 cars.  The 993 chassis is the result of years of factory refinement.  It provides the rigidity of a modern car, GT3-like suspension geometry, and a robust drivetrain that can be further enhanced by our team.  The traditional roofline provides the needed classic element for us to anchor our vision.  There really is no better 911 platform for Gruppe 6.

Like all of our builds, Gruppe 6 cars are designed and built to drive everyday.  Even though we deeply engage improving every aspect of the original car, we refuse to sacrifice usability and reliability.  Therefore, we reached into the motorsport world for first in-class components and materials that best support the car's new purpose and retain factory original equipment whenever possible.


Perhaps the most significant Gruppe 6 attribute is the fitting of custom light weight body work.  The artistic lines of the prototype car have been further refined in CAD to produce mold perfected designs with strength and beauty in carbon fiber.  We've orchestrated this blend of old and new to be immediately recognizable from any angle. 

The original 993 matching engine case is retained for originality and fortified with our recipe for enhanced performance including both 3.8-liter and 4.0-liter displacement options.  Power is increased to 100-horsepower per liter and the redline is pushed to 8,500.  Oil circulation and cooling capacities are increased to enable efficient performance in any climate.  Engine-driven ancillaries, such as air conditioning and power steering, are converted to electrical systems to improve performance and aesthetics. 

The six-speed transmission is rebuilt into a close-ratio system with our chosen gear set, significantly improving thrust as well as highway cruising.  A limited-slip differential adds traction and predictability through corners, while the next gear is easily found at the hand of a precision gear lever.

Suspension and braking are the final elements to our dynamics packaging where again, we strive to push performance while maintaining comfort.  The electronically-controlled damper system features cockpit controlled settings with presets optimized for a variety of driving scenarios.  We've added driving predictability with firmer bushings and zero bump-steer steering geometry.  Braking is uprated with the Brembo GT/S system to ensure confident stopping.

Interior design with attention to personal use and detail creates the ultimate motoring environment.  Driver control, access, and feel are the key focal points, while passenger comfort and experience are emphasized with curated materials and textures.  Bespoke seating is fully adjustable to provide support and road feel while also featuring heating and cooling elements.  Our carbon fiber work extends into the cabin with unique interior paneling and a wide range of finishing options.  Acoustic and thermal insulation are used throughout to keep both the driver and passenger energized for the next mile.

The original electrical system is completely replaced with a modern harness and componentry that mitigate reliability issues and finally connect the owner via Bluetooth.  We use the MoTec M1 control platform with electronic power distribution modules (PDM) to control the car's ancillary systems and the engine's power management.  All LED lighting is mounted in bespoke housings and lenses.

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