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“…..we wondered, what the ultimate 'evolved' air-cooled 911 would be? ”


We’re set to define that answer as we develop our latest concept: Gruppe 6


-Marc Zurlinden





As you might guess, "gruppe" in German means group or team and that defines who we are.  Zurlinden Gruppe is a collective of passionate enthusiasts, each an artist in their own right.  We come from diverse backgrounds and love the way cars drive and look, as well as how they sound, feel, and smell.   We worship at the altar of automotive greatness and understand that great cars exude a soul.  We feel that soul.


Another meaning for "gruppe" is class or category, and that defines what we do.  Simply put, we design and build to add character and individuality to one of the great automotive icons.  Our team modernizes the driving experience and livability of the classic cars while incorporating perhaps even some of our own soul.  The result is a vehicle reborn to deliver classic style, built to be driven everyday, and connect with its owner in ways that only an air cooled Porsche 911 can.

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We currently have limited capacity for early 2023 delivery.

Please inquire to discuss availability.  





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